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Fascinating to watch a summer school day in a tropical city. The school session has different players at work, each in their own way dealing with tension and yet having fun with the most ordinary things in life. The actors are placed on stage, and are rounded back to where they came from at the end of the day.Learn more by visiting Immerse Education

The sun was mercilessly beating down at the tropical city. It was summer height. The fiery white hot disk was pinned up on an azure blue sky at 12 o’clock place. White cloud puffs lie scattered across the horizon, too few and too dispersed to make any difference to anything living. The world was gnawing in the midday sun’s heat. It has not been the rains season yet. It has been a struggle for both man and beast to seek relief from the sun glare from whatever shade there was.
The dark security areas under the trees were luxuries and a luxury. As soon as space underneath one became available, both humans and stray animals would immediately grab it and share it. While being deeply grateful for the grace of nature, the inhabitants did good to each other’s business. The sun had succeeded in draining the vitality from everyone seeking refuge, putting them in a state of drunken stupor.
For the boys stuck as they were in the fifty odd classes, life was hard too. The school was painted yellow with a H-shaped affair. The open quadrangle at the front of the building was wide enough to fit about twenty double-decker buses, and it was about a fifth of the back playground area. It was one of the city’s best schools that featured an enviable-size playground, with a railway line passing past the outer walls at the far end.

In front of the school was a sprawling public park, across the street from it. Perhaps because of the environment, on the outside the building was designed with huge windows that were covered with ash-colored iron grilles. Inside were folding wooden glass panels, that were always rolled back for ventilation. The open space at the front and rear of the building allowed Mother Nature to wash the classrooms with fresh air and dissipate the heat from the body created by forty odd students who occupied each.
Although it has defied common sense, the school authorities have scheduled the summer schedule to start the session earlier than usual and be over an hour past noon. The plan was to let the students get off early to beat the heat by going home and staying put. But it wasn’t exactly the brightest idea and in turn detrimental to cut the kids loose when the sun was at its hottest. The students will begin flowing in from early in the morning. The wealthy among them were dropped in their chauffeur-driven cars, while the less fortunate had to do with a public transportation trip followed by a short walking trudge.