Rules For Healthy Living

The everyday aim should be to consume the foods that will help maintain the optimal level of the bodies and health. With that in mind, there are seven safe living rules which I would like us to explore:

  1. First Rule Of Safe Living-Before And After The Meals Drink Water Not During. Drinking before eating loads you up and prevents you from eating too much. Therefore, refraining from drinking water will allow you the ability to breathe properly, assisting in digestion. Provide at least 10-preferably 30-minutes of water before you feed, and isolate your meals from any liquid consumption. Benefits of healthy living habbits.
  2. Second Rule For Safe Living-Mix The Foods properly. For order to achieve the highest nutrient intake we need to learn how to mix our food effectively. Choosing not to mix your foods intelligently can place a strain on your digestive system. Implications include: Stunted Digestion. Food is prevented from being converted into nutrients, thereby losing the advantages of what we eat from amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Noxious Contaminants. Such poisons tax our bodies ‘ cells and tissues, and our rejection organs. Allergies to Food. Individuals sometimes misdiagnose discomfort after meals as food allergies, when the product of poor preparation is what they actually feel. Many Grave Illnesses. Improper combination could wear down the body for a prolonged period of time and lead to more serious problems.
  3. The Third Safe Living Rule-Eat In a Comfortable State. Eliminate all distractions, like TV, mobile phones, and internet. Maintain a relaxed state, as meals are meant to be a pleasant time to enjoy and appreciate the food and business before you. Let everyone sit and feel relaxed while ensuring that the table is set with the right plates and utensils. Slowly chew your meal, and take in tiny bites.
  4. The fourth Safe Living Law-Consume Easy Menu of Foods. American people have a warped understanding of serving sizes. The average size of a restaurant’s serving is not an acceptable number-usually half the portion is. Or if you’re cooking too much for dinner the next day save the rest for lunch.
  5. The Fifth Safe Living Rule-Eat organic foods. Ingest food reliably safe from synthetic pesticides, toxins or growth hormones. The USDA has approved products labeled “organic” which ensures that farms meet government standards (including the promotion of renewable resources). While buying organic goods may have been hard in the past, they are now readily available in every local grocery store. Ideally you have a Whole Foods near you, Henry’s, Wild Oats, Trader Joe’s or some other smaller organic store.
  6. Sixth Rule For Safe Living-Timing Is All: Eat Small Quantities Every 3 Hours.
  7. Seventh Rule For Healthy Living-Add Nutrients As Required To Your Diet.