Strip Club Basics

Whether your wife admits it aloud or not is a brave step for her to go to a strip club, so brace her for a hot date! You should both dress up nice and make her hair sexy. Taking her out beforehand for a nice dinner, so you can spend some romantic time together, too.

Many women who have never never been to a strip club have a very warped perception of what they are and what happens there. If your wife has never been to a strip club before, be sure to take her for her first experience in a chic one. You can either take her to a topless bar, or take her to total nudity, which you think she would like more. I suggest you don’t take her to a club that makes work on the floor, as that may be too risky for her first time.Click Bonuses

It’s better to sit away from the main stage when you choose a table so it won’t feel as daunting. If the club has multiple stages, ensure that your table still has a clear view of the performing girls on the main stage.

Even though there will be plenty of uncovered, bare flesh everywhere, your main focus is on being a gentlemen and making your wife the center of attention for the whole evening. You will watch how you look at the girls so don’t be a fool and let her see you drooling! That just makes her feel challenged and insecure. Let her know you love the eroticism of watching other women see her. Encourage her to send some women she enjoys watching the dollar bills.

Women really enjoy admiring the beautiful bodies of other women so ask her what she likes. Ask her if there’s a particular girl she’d like to get a lap dance from. When she thinks it is too much, let her know too early that there is no need for touching or friction.

If you’re asking a dancer to give your wife a lap dance, be sure to tell her that your wife likes her and has asked her explicitly. He could assume, without telling her, that you’re the only one that gets off on it. When she learns she will be more sensual and polite when performing for the benefit of your partner. When you tell her that this will be your wife’s first time having a lap dance, it will be extra flattering too. Make sure you focus on her when she receives the lap dance. Let her watch you smile at her, and not the dancer.

After the dance is over, tell her that you and another woman were very turned on seeing her. Tell if she’d liked it. If she did, urge her to choose one more!