Dedicated Servers Reduce Business Risks

When you run a company and want to reduce the risk of keeping your servers secure from physical harm and minimizing the risk of traffic loss due to an inaccessible or sluggish website, then dedicated servers are your obvious option. Visit dedicated servers for more.

Once we get into depth, let’s explore just what a dedicated server is. See, the company website will usually be hosted on a server which a web hosting company needs to provide. The server can of course also host other websites. This low cost solution is the ideal choice for personal websites and small companies, but with this hosting strategy there are significant risks to medium and large enterprises. For so many sites hosted on a single server, low downtimes are a big concern-a challenge that companies simply can not keep up for. At the other side, a dedicated custom server would be for you and yourself.

Consider the risk to your income Let’s imagine a situation where your website brings considerable regular income to your company. Now, suppose your site is inaccessible for about 12 hours-how much money do you lose? If during the 12-hour downtime you’re fine with losing all that money, then you don’t really need to stress your hosting services. Nonetheless, if you think this specific downtime would cause a big loss, then you need to stick to using a dedicated server. However, if you’re not moving to a dedicated managed server simply because of the initial cost factor involved, then give due consideration to the amount of money you’ll be able to save in the long run, instead of worrying about the initial cost of upgrading your network.

Server congestion and bad scripts are a thing of the past When it comes to a shared server, it would affect on yours the activities of the other sites that use the same server. Overload and poor scripts are two of the many common factors that have the potential to affect the website. If a server gets overloaded, it can cause your website to run very slowly, and at some point or the other, your website may even end up crashing during peak hours.

However, no one apart from you can use it when it comes to dedicated servers, so external factors do not affect its performance. You have the ability to schedule maintenance during periods of low traffic, thereby ensuring that the platform performs at its best at peak times. For addition, you can also select which hardware you want to use, with the requisite memory and bandwidth, thus allowing you to make sure your server is up to demand. Full administrator access to server will also be provided.

Server protection There is a good chance that your server will be stored together with other servers in a colocation facility which offers dedicated cloud services. That means you’ll be able to benefit from these facilities ‘ commitment to server security. In the long run, you will be safe from floods, burning, fraud and a whole lot more when you take on dedicated servers.